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Nov 24

Warning Signs Your Loved Ones Needs Help

Posted by KristyAnn in holidays

Happy HolidaysThe holidays are here! As you travel over the hills and far away…uh-oh! Whether you live far or near, you’ve just arrived at your aging parent’s home only to observe that Mom just doesn’t seem herself. It’s very hard to discover your aging parent’s decline during a holiday visit. It’s also very common. The following signs may mean your aging parent needs help at home.


Mar 27

An Easy Way To Manage Your Aging Parent's Medications

Posted by KristyAnn in medication


  • Does your aging parent take prescription medications? 
  • If you had to, could you jump in and pick-up where your aging parent left off, with their medication "system" (or lack thereof)? 
  • Does your aging parent keep a current list of their medications including dosages? 
  • Do they check with their doctor at every visit to ensure their medications and dosages are appropriate for their current medical needs and their current weight? 
  • Are any of their medication combinations potentially dangerous? 
  • Does food intake alter their medications' efficacy?


Mar 24

Top 8 Spring Cleaning Ideas for Aging Parents

Posted by KristyAnn in Grandparents

Aging Parents Spring CleaningSpring is about renewal and hope. Freshening your environment can breathe new life and energy into your living space and your mood!  Here are eight practical, budget-friendly tips to try yourself, or with an aging friend or family member.

Plant some flowers or herbs.  Read some of our previous blog posts with helpful suggestions on how to get started.  If you’re not up to planting, just pick up a ready-made flowering plant in a brightly colored pot (I spotted these starting at $5).  Placed by a bedside or on your veranda, it’s an immediate pick-me-up!

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