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Apr 14

How Home Care Prevents Health Problems

Posted by KristyAnn in low vision therapy

TelemonitorPrevention is, and has always been, a watch-word of healthcare. Healthcare costs continue to rise at unsustainable rates and we expect longer lives, resulting in research, initiatives and even incentives to prevent illnesses, diseases and hospitalizations. When it comes to home care, there are some key accessible, and affordable, ways you can prevent possible health problems or address them more proactively.

Weekly Nurse Visits. When your aging loved one is eligible for home health services (after a decline in condition or planned hospitalization after which they are homebound) nurse visits are usually included in their treatment planned devised by their doctor and our Medicare team. These services are funded by Medicare or Medicare Advantage Plans, but they are also available through self-pay. Many clients choose to pay for one weekly nurse visit which offers improved oversight and peace of mind, as well as prevention. Read more about the benefits of a weekly nurse visit here.

Apr 13

Home Opener and Home Care

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Yes, we'll be working hard today, and every day, to meet your home care needs. 365 days a year/24 hours per day/7 days per week , even on 2015 Opening Day. Now that's dedication. Call us at 1-800-HOMECARE (in MO) or 618-466-3227 (in IL) to get started.Batter up!

Apr 07

Easy, Affordable Peace of Mind for Your Aging Loved One

Posted by KristyAnn in products for aging parents

Free Medi-PlannerOur nurses get rave reviews when they do skilled visits for our clients returning home from the hospital or when they’re recovering from a health decline. Did you known there is another easy, and affordable, way for a Cooperative Home Care nurse to check on your aging loved one regularly?

A RN visit scheduled at the same time every week includes a free medi-planner that our nurse will pack during her visit. Mom or Dad's medications are now packed accurately for the week. Our nurse will also note any discrepancies that indicate missed meds or other preventable medication errors. Finally, our Cooperative Home Care nurse will perform a general health assessment, including checking any specific things related to a medical condition. The results are recorded for you to share with your aging loved one’s doctor.

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