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Feb 26

What Does 'Loved Ones Needed' Mean?

Posted by KristyAnn in local resources

When Cooperative Home Care says, ‘Loved Ones Needed’, what does this mean?

We’re glad you asked! If you are caring for a loved one—family member or friend—you can work as their caregiver in our CDS program and earn money doing so. Loved Ones Needed!

Feb 24

Beat Those Winter Blahs!

Posted by KristyAnn in rehabilitation

C'mon, Spring!"Surely as cometh the Winter, I know…there are Spring violets under the snow." - R. H. Newell

Hang in there-spring is less than a month away! Meanwhile, help your aging loved one push through the sometimes dreary end of winter with these 11 tips.

Feb 19

Welcome Back Cards! We Missed You!

Posted by KristyAnn in holidays

Go Cards!Cards Baseball is Back

While it's not Opening Day yet, the start of Spring Training is reason enough for our baseball crazy town to celebrate. Let's go Cardinals...Let's go!

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